"You never have brought in a bounty alive... Have you?"

- Topixx to Zulomus

Zulomus was a lethal and brute-like Bounty Hunter on the planet, Baxitus. He makes his debut in the 5th episode of the SALVATION series. He is killed by a massive machine drone.

Biography Edit

Information coming soon.

Personality and Traits Edit

Zulomus is like many bounty hunters; Cold, emotionless, and cruel. However, he is not quite intelligent and prefers to smash walls and crush windpipes instead of planning out attacks. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt and loves to make his bounties suffer before killing them. This is the reason why he got a reputation for never bring a bounty back alive.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Zulomus has two natural claws for hands which can slice through Baxisteel or crush armor with ease. He is also fitted with two Ion Cannons on his back which can blast through any being or obstacle. He is fitted with two elbow wrist blades as well as sharp, steel knifes on his feet.

Notes Edit

  • Zulomus was voiced by Jetfire28 in SALVATION #5: Bounty Hunters.