"You don't choose your fate. I choose yours."

- Zokorak

Zokorak was the first Confederacy of Illusions leader and creator of the organization.


Zokorak was a Manox from the island, Noraknaa in the Matoran Universe. His species was created for one purpose: To make sure Mata-Nui's mission would not be halted or stopped. Zokorak was the leader of his industrial civilization and with his leadership, the Manox built a magnificent city that rivaled even the great Artakha.

Personality & Traits

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Zokorak, at the time of his leadership of Noraknaa, wore the Mask of Precognition. When Zokorak lost his homeland and his love, Hershak; the pain was too much for him. He crafted a mask with enormous power. With over a thousand, powerful hits from a hammer Zokorak created the Kanohi Noraknaa, the Mask of Immortality. It was named after the island where he lost so many lifes. He wore the mask for thousands of years until his death.