The Weapons Dealer also known as Litib was a dealer on the planet Baxitus who opposed Baxitus and his mechanical army. The dealer was a minor character in SALVATION.


The Weapons Dealer was a craftsman who owned a weapons store on the planet Baxitus. However, he supplied the Resistance with weapons to support them in the war to stop Baxitus. Years later, a mysterious being named Volta encountered the dealer who asked what was going on. The dealer explained and was shocked at Volta's possession of the Staff of Alzav. The dealer hid Volta and was visited by a Resistance Fighter named Laxx, who asked if there was anything new. The dealer denied any new weaponry. However, Laxx discovered Volta hiding and was also shocked at the staff's return. A squad of machines led by Vadak, Baxitus's general, attacked the town in search of Volta. Realizing that Vadak had come looking for the staff, the dealer hid Volta and Laxx inside his story. The dealer was approached by Vadak, who asked him about Volta's whereabouts. The dealer lied. This did not fool Vadak, who demanded to check inside. The dealer refused and was shot and killed by Vadak. He proceeded to storm the market, but Volta and Laxx escaped.

His head is later seen in SALVATION #5 when Scarr chases Merbuu. A sign is seen saying "Heed my Warning" referring to Vadak's message to those who stand up against Baxitus.