"I am Toa Volta, the holder of the Staff of Alzav."

- Volta

Volta is the holder of the Staff of Alzav and a former Toa of Magnetism before arriving on the planet Baxitus. He is the only one who can help the Resistance fight against the evil Baxitus and Vadak. Volta is the main protagonist of SALVATION.

Toa volta image 1
Vital statistics
Title Volta
Gender Male
Race toa
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Status Alive
Location baxitus (planet)

Biography Edit

Personality and TraitsEdit

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Weapons and Tools Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Volta was a former Toa of Magnetism on Norik's Hagah team. He eventually left to find his own destiny.
  • Vadak has been Volta's true adversary since their first encounter.