Well, I've always enjoyed TSO1's videos. I've always found the Phantoka series the best somehow. I especially found Axxon funny. I mean, his speech is simple, but just listening to it, is funny due to his voice. Ah, I love it. I loved all the characters too. The Makuta series was good too, though I got disapointed when 3 new series were created, yet none are starring the makuta, who were to my disapointment, deceased. The Salvation, Area of Honor and Reign of Mesodax series are still so far pretty good though. I beg you TSO1, you shouldn't make stopmotion's it will slow you down! Sereously, just simply photos like in the Phantoka and Makuta series were fine. You'll need to take a lot of pictures for stopmotions, so I suggest you use the classic, easier way again.

Contray to the belief in my opinion, I've been the best contributer in the Wiki. I hope more active editors will appear in the near future. Since I've never been part of a Wiki before, I'm still slightly uncertain about the whole system. What makes up for that is all the decent effort I've put in.

I'll be skiing in italy for a week, leaving on saturday, so I'll be expecting several big contributions while I'm gone, or possibly more if this Wiki gets anymore active members. Why do I dream of becomming an Admin here all of a sudden?