"I love the taste of Matoran in the morning."

- Tahzal

Tahzal was the first Zyglak accidentally created and an extremely dangerous Confederacy of Illusions member.


Tahzal was the first Zyglak accidentally created by the Great Beings and was thus the true leader of the species. When he and his brothers were rejected by their creators, they spreaded out into the darkness of the Matoran Universe, waiting for their revenge. Sometime in the past, Tahzal joined the Confederacy who promised to give him power to avenge the Zyglak. Mesograk personally experimented on Tahzal, transforming him from a bipedal creature into a monstrous winged monster. Tahzal was infuriated that the experiment cost him his original body, but in the process he got what he wanted. Power beyond any other Zyglak's dreams. Tahzal served the organization with glee, killing Matoran and Toa alike.

Personality & Traits

Tahzal is extremely sadistic and cruel. He has no empathy for who kills and takes great pleasure in the suffering of others. He has a taste for Matoran especially Av-Matoran.

Powers & Abilities

Before his mutation by the Confederacy, Tahzal possessed the same abilities as any Zyglak. After the experiments, Tahzal lost many of his powers, but gained new ones. His Protosteel wings can slice through a Makuta's armor with ease. He can also fire crimson eyebeams that could spread a Protodermis-dissolving plague. Tahzal's most dangerous weapon of all was a deadly sonic scream that can rip an entire city to pieces in seconds.