Scarr and Zaww
"You're worth enough, dead."

- Scarr

Scarr is the most dangerous and lethal Bounty Hunter on the planet, Baxitus. He made his debut in the 5th episode of the SALVATION series.

Biography Edit

Information coming soon.

Personality and Traits Edit

Scarr is cold, merciless, emotionless, and cruel. The qualities of a dark Bounty Hunter. He feels no remorse for whom he slays and is willing to kill anyone that gets in his way. He is cruel to his employers besides Baxitus, who hires him for the big jobs that pay the most. Scarr is also willing to do anything to get a job done, willing to go to great lengths even if it means total carnage. He collects trophies from his hunts, but only takes the heads of those who are worthy of it.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Scarr's primary weapons includes two, custom Ion Blasters. These pistols are extremely accurate and dangerous when in conjunction with Scarr's targeting system. His secondary tools include a scythe-like Wrist-blade which can be triggered with the flick of a wrist. A Plasma Saw, which can slice through the strongest Baxisteel. A flame-thrower and a poisonous dart which can be launched/activated from his wrist gauntlet.

Notes Edit

  • Scarr's voice is modified and mixed in SALVATION #5: Bounty Hunters.