SALVATION (Timeline) is how the official story of SALVATION has trascended from the beginning to the events that are happening right now.


  • (300,000 yrs ago) The 11 Nations of Trian Magna live in peace for hundreds of thousands of years.

  • (290,000 yrs ago) Lurgin's begin to cause a major problem across the planet. Inhabitants learn to live with them.

  • (200,000 yrs ago) Baxitus arrives on Trian Magna.

  • (200,000 yrs ago) Baxitus attacks Trian Magna, starting with Nuulez's homeland.

  • (200,000 yrs ago) The Resistance is formed, led by Alzav.

  • (200,000 yrs ago) The First Great War Begins.

  • (200,000 yrs ago) Alzav is killed by Baxitus.

  • (150,000 yrs ago) The War continues without Alzav. The 11 General's of the Resistance maintain control.

  • (150,000 yrs ago) Vadak arrives for the first time on the planet.

  • (150,000 yrs ago) Vadak conquers the homeland of the Thrakk, Thirzon's species.

  • (100,000 yrs ago) Baxitus and Vadak begin to crush the Resistance.

  • (Unknown) Vadak disappears from the planet during the War.

  • (Several months ago) Vadak appears in the Matoran Universe during the Brotherhood of Makuta/Order of Mata-Nui War.

  • (Several months ago) Vadak reunites with Volta and they battle. They are transported back to the planet, Baxitus.

  • (Several months ago) Volta becomes leader of the Resistance.

  • (Several weeks ago) Porak hires Bounty Hunters to hunt down Volta.