The Resistance is a group of freedom fighters who seek to defeat Baxitus and his Machine Armies. It was formed by Alzav, who was its first leader. Now it is being led by Volta. The Resistance are the primary benefactor in SALVATION.


The Resistance was formed by Alzav, a powerful crafter who opposed Baxitus, after his meeting with eleven of Trian Magna's leaders. Therefore he became the first, true leader of the Resistance while the others became generals under him. Before the creation of the Resistance, Alzav created the Staff of Alzav which would have the power to defeat Baxitus. Under his command, the Resistance fought the Baxitus's Armies across the planet. However, when the Resistance attacked Baxitus's Coliseum, Alzav was killed by Baxitus and the Staff was ejected into space by Baxitus to prevent anyone from using it against him. The Resistance retreated from the battle. But they still remain strong as they are being led by the 11 Generals who formed it. A new player was introduced, Volta who has become the current leader of the Resistance.


Alzav -  A being who opposed Baxitus and his mchanical army and the founder and first leader of the Resistance. He also created the powerful Staff of Alzav. Alzav led the Resistance to victory many times across the galaxy. When the Resistance attacked Baxitus's base, Alzav was killed by Baxitus himself, who also ejected the Staff of Alzav into space to prevent its use against him. Alzav's death was the beginning of the Resistance's decline.

Kelgar -A scholar and friend of Alzav. Kelgar was the deputy of the Resistance. After Alzav was killed, Kelgar took his place as leader. He later met the soldier Volta and helped him lead the Resistance to victory.

Thirzon -

Volta -

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Other unnamed fighters