"Ooh, I love this job. I love it!"

- Nahtan

Nahtan was a dangerous and insane Bounty Hunter on the planet, Baxitus. He makes his debut in the 5th episode of the SALVATION series. He was killed by Scarr.

Biography Edit

Nahtan was one of the Bounty Hunters who arrived in the Argun City Arena to participate in a competition that would decide who would join the hunt for the Staff of Alzav. He succeeded in surviving the machine attacks and went on with the other victorious hunters comprising of Scarr, Zaww, Gorrax, Xenum, and Ultrob. When the Bounty Hunters began their journey, Nahtan couldn't make up his mind on how they should split the reward and how crazy the mission itself is. The insane ramblings drove Scarr to draw his pistol and shoot Nahtan in the chest. The blast killed him instantly and his corpse fell to the ground with blood still gushing from his grim smile.

Personality and Traits Edit

Nahtan was completely insane and unpredictable. He was always talking to himself and rambling about his kills and hunts. Hardly anyone liked him because of his insanity, however he was still hired by many. His talents earned him a fierce reputation as a lethal hunter and assassin. He was also good partners with Xela, who died in the contest at Argun City. However, his madness was ended when Scarr shot Nahtan with one blast to the chest.

Weapons and Tools Edit

Nahtan's personal favorite included his Protogun, which could pierce the armor of almost any metal. He also favored a spiked sword which would fire lethal projections in any direction.

Notes Edit

  • Nahtan was modeled at Vezon's Bionicle Heroes game form as well as his overall look and personality.