"If information is power. Then a Great Being am I."

- Monerk

Monerk was a sadistic and deceptive Confederacy of Illusions member who interrogated prisoners. He died before the events of the Battle of Karda-Nui.


Monerk came from The Shadowed One's species. He became a Confederacy of Illusions member sometime in the past. Monerk was a powerful mind-breaker which made him a ruthless interrogator at their base of operations. He learned much from the interrogations with his prisoners who did not live long enough to tell anyone anything else. The information made Monerk obnoxious and greedy. When he discovered the entrance to Karda-Nui, Monerk kept the information to himself instead of telling Mesograk. Monerk was soon killed for his treason by Saylii.

Personality & Traits

Monerk was a deceptive, obnoxious sadist who enjoyed the suffering of others as he interrogated them. The information he obtained from numerous prisoners made him greedy and arrogant which would eventually led to his death.

Powers & Tools

Monerk had telepathic abilities as well as powerful mental blasts which attacked the user's mind, not body. This made him the perfect interrogator, but his mind powers were nothing compared to Mesograks.