The Manox was a benevolent race led by Zokorak. The species is now extinct.


The Manox was Zokorak and Hershak's species. The species lived on Noraknaa (Island). Zokorak ruled the Manox with a firm hand with the people respected and worshipped him. The Manox were an industrial civilization with cities and towers whose beauty rivaled the island of Artakha. The entire species was wiped out by a large tsunami, killing the inhabitants and destroying the city within moments. Only Zokorak and Hershark survived the destruction. Zokorak and Hershak rebuilt the civilization together from scrap. At the center of Noraknaa was a volcano and while the two were gathering supplies one day, an earthquake struck. Zokorak was unable to save Hershak in time and when she slipped from his hand, she fell to her death into the magma. It struck Zokorak with rage that shook the entire universe. Only one Manox remained and soon Zokorak himself, fell into darkness. The once, great civilization died.


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