"It's either the money... or your head."

- Hyloss

Hyloss was a Confederacy of Illusions member who was killed at the Battle of Karda-Nui. He also appeared in Makuta (Series) and was killed by Vezon.


Hyloss was a Confederacy of Illusions member who served under Mesograk after Zokorak's death. When Mesograk and his armies gathered in Karda-Nui to put his master plan into effect, Hyloss joined him unwillingly. He was quickly killed at a battle by one of the Makuta with gravity powers.


Hyloss appeared in Makuta (Series) at a meeting with many other villains of the house discussing what to do with their Makuta problem and others such as Mentha who opposed Mesograk's sins as well. Vezon appeared and offered his assistance to the mob of villains which Hyloss was angered at. After Vezon perfomed a magic trick on one of Hyloss's guards, Hyloss angrily placed a bounty on Vezon's head. Later, Hyloss made a deal with general Pridak to kill Vezon and increase the strength of his armies. Unfortunately his life was short lived as Vezon infiltrated his hideout via pretending to be a corpse and then killed him by slitting his throat with a dagger.

Personality & Traits

Hyloss was cruel and emotionless. He was also a dirty, manipulative cheater who planned to betray all of those who opposed him. He also underestimated his opponents which would lead to his death.

Weapons and Abilities

Hyloss was equipped with a claw, Protosteel claw and a smaller claw. He also usually carried around a machine gun.


  • Hyloss' death scene was inspired by Gambol's demise in The Dark Knight by the Joker.