"Fool! You can't hurt me. Nothing hurts me."

- Frenzy

Frenzy was a machine who served under the Confederacy of Illusions and was one of its best assassins.


Frenzy was at once a scientific, but insane Matoran who was trying to create a machine that would protect his village. As soon as he finished his creation however, the Makuta's armies struck the village killing the inhabitants. Quickly, the scientist transferred his mind into the machine and escaped. His original body and transfer device were destroyed in the attack and his mind was struck inside this own creation. He quickly created a name and a reputation: Frenzy. Spreading it wherever he went, carnage followed. This attracted the Confederacy of Illusions and they convinced him to join them. He continued doing what he did best in secret. Taking out Matoran, Turaga, Toa, Makuta, and other species alike.


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