Antroz wore the Kanohi Jutlin, the mask of corruption. It allowed the bearer to cause inanimate objects/non-living things within his range of vision to rot and break down. For a prime example usage, Antroz destroyed Tahu's Nyrah Ghost Blaster in one Episode in the Makuta Series. Antroz also weilded two large, curved claw blades used both as melee weapons and can also channel his Shadow powers. He had a Tridax Pod Launcher and could also bite with his poisoness fangs and fly.

Vamprah wore the Kanohi Avsa, the mask of hunger. With this, Vamprah could drain light from anyone at a distance, so he won't have to use his shadow leeches too often. Apart from his mask and Tridax pod launcher, Vamprah's hook-wing-knives act as his arms, which shows his appearance as a bat-like manner. He can use his wings as melee weapons, as well as channeling his shadow powers. He can also bite with his vamparic fangs and undoubtfully, fly.

Chirox wore the Kanohi Shelek, the mask of silience. It lets chirox disable a victim's ability to hear and speak, as long as chirox concentrates his power. For example, Chirox used his power on lewa in one episode in the Makuta Series. Kopaka was warning lewa to look out, but lewa cliamed that he couldn't hear him. Ironically, he could still speak. Chirox had a unique physical feature-his extendable arms to surprise opponents, making his melee hooks a deadlier threat. The hooks can also channel his powers over shadow. In addition, he has a tridax pod launcher, saberteeth and black wings for flying.

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