"My name is Baxitus and I am your death."

- Baxitus

Baxitus is an evil being of unparalleled power (Great Being). He is responsible for all that has transpired in SALVATION.


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Personality and Traits Edit

Baxitus was once like many Great Beings before him, who created for the sheer love of creating. Baxitus was a true genius on Spherus Magna and his creations earned him the reputation of being the best on the planet. However, his perception changed over time as he worked and he craved power. He became more and more secluded from his brothers and sisters, creating something else that would change the universe: A master plan. He became arrogant, selfish, and cruel as opposed to the others. When he was caught in the making of his ultimate weapon, he was forever exiled from Spherus Magna. The planet soon shattered into pieces. Baxitus then arrived on Trian Magna where he attacked its inhabitants and plunged the planet into war. He used his charisma and power to influence others to help his cause and soon, his army's rivaled all who opposed him. His ambitions and plans still continued to this day.

Abilities and Powers Edit

It is unknown what powers and abilities Baxitus possesses.

Notes Edit

  • Baxitus is responsible for the creation of Mesograk and his species, the Virnahz.
  • He is also responsible for creating Vadak and his species, the Kalshi.